Subscription Plans

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Books & Toys

Points : 50 Deposit : ₹2000



Books & Toys

Points : 60 Deposit : ₹2000

Sapphire Plus


Books & Toys

Points : 70 Deposit : ₹2000



Books & Toys

Points : 80 Deposit : ₹2000



Books & Toys

Points : 100 Deposit : ₹2000



Books & Toys

Points : 200 Deposit : ₹2000



Books & Toys

Points : 40 Deposit : ₹2000

One Time Registration Fee: Rs 1000.00

Terms & Conditions

Member who wants to take a drop/ freeze for next month, MUST return all the articles ON OR BEFORE last working day of the previous month.

Member must produce deposit receipt in original at the time of rejoining after expiry of drop/freeze period.

Member wishing to discontinue membership, must return all the articles by the end of the month otherwise entire fees for the next month has to be paid.

All points must be utilized in the same month. Points can not be carried forward in the next month.

All articles MUST be returned simultaneously, otherwise points will be recounted for all the articles.

It is the sole responsibility of Member to count, check & verify all the articles, in all respect, in front of delivery person or before leaving library.

Member has to pay full price of the article if any piece/part of the article is torn/broken/missing/lost.

Member can not get new articles till all the articles are returned back in good & sound conditions.

Deposit Refund ONLY against production of Original Receipt.

Decision of “Unnati” Management is final.

Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.